Who are we?

We are a TIC company and software manufacturers. We also offer analyst services, consulting and IT services for companies.

We are specialists in the deployment and implementation of business management systems. Our target is helping our clients in the implementation and customization of the best systems and management tools, always depending on their needs.

QUORUM ERP is our business management solution designed specifically to meet the information needs of all the company’s areas.


ASOIN 21, S.L was established in 1998 as “SSA Ibérica” partners, manufacturer of the management system BPCS (Business Planning and Control System), supporting large corporations.

After several years dedicated to advise and implement solutions for multinational companies, especially car manufacturers, we decided to go a step further.

In 2005, we committed to create our own enterprise resource planning system, QUORUM ERP, where we have been applying the knowledge acquired by our staff over the years.

Since we began, we have been making continuous updates and improvements ​​in QUORUM ERP, to meet the needs of our customers, and to adapt it to technological and legislative changes that are continually arising.

Since 2006, we have been working with “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia”, being QUORUM ERP chosen as a reference enterprise resource planning system. It has been used as the basis for the practice subjects in the Department of Enterprise Management.

In 2012, we launched QUORUM TPV. It is a management POS system noted for its friendly and intuitive interface while robust and integrated in the QUORUM platform.

From our origins, we try to keep a customer oriented strategic planning and to expand the focus over the company. ASOIN 21, SL is always looking for qualified staff, increasing its range of products and services above the customer demands.

Because of this spirit of growth and customer satisfaction, ASOIN 21, SL has achieved, 15 years later, a more competitive position in the marketplace.

Mission, vision and values

In ASOIN 21, we have a main objective, the satisfaction of our customers.

As specialists in IT solutions, we are always adapting to the changes of market. We develop and implement the best solutions for business, providing our portfolio of products and services with over 35 years of experience in the sector.


  • Satisfying our customers and help them to improve.
  • Being close our customers to develop successfully any kind of project that involves a technological challenge.


We want to continue being a reference company, respected and recognized in our industry by customers, employers, colleagues, workers, institutions and universities.


In ASOIN 21, S.L. we always have a very good atmosphere provided by our workers. Our team consists of people with a spirit of teamwork, effort and self-management capacity. All of them are skilled technicians who work in a dedicated way, with great experience in providing business solutions. For us it is very important the continued education of our staff, seeking higher competitiveness. We want the customer to be served and informed of the continuous changes that are occurring today, because for us our customers are our greatest asset.

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